Welcome to UNICORN

At Unicorn (MSJ Ltd), we embody a forward-thinking approach that revolves around three core elements: customer service focus, wellness, and an exceptional team committed to going the extra mile to ensure your smile radiates with health and happiness. As trailblazers in the healthcare industry, we have been redefining standards and inspiring positive transformations in people’s lives since 1984. With over three decades of experience, we proudly stand as a leading force in the healthcare sector in Mauritius. We provide seamless health care since we firmly believe in making a real difference in the lives of our valued customers. As pioneers in the field, we continually push the boundaries of innovation to shape the future of healthcare. Our reputation as trusted leaders in the industry rests on our unwavering commitment to reliability and integrity. Guided by UK-trained pharmacists, our team is a perfect fusion of medical expertise and business acumen, propelling us forward with skill, dedication, and a clear vision.